Using Data to Inform Clinical Decisions for Patients with Seizures

We organize and analyze databases of information from patients with seizures to address key challenges or knowledge gaps in care. We use machine learning to make clinical decision support tools to apply that knowledge to individual patients.

Clinical Decision Support Tools

We make our tools available online for others to explore and use.

Decision Making

We think about how providers use clinical data to make decisions and evaluate how our tools impact those decisions.


We work to publish our work to share it with the community and formally develop our approach.

About Us

We’re a research group that is dedicated to improving our quantitative understanding of clinical decisions related to seizures. We are eager to involve trainees in our work.

Get in Touch

With more data comes more knowledge. If you have data to share or would like to collaborate, reach out so that we can work together.

If you would like to validate any of our tools using your data, let Wesley Kerr know and he can assist with efficient application of the tool to your data.


Our primary affiliation currently is with the University of Michigan. We also are affiliated with the UCLA Seizure Disorder Center. We have collaborations with the University of Colorado.