Decision Making

Watch this space for how you can help understand how we make diagnostic decisions in patients with seizures.

Diagnosis of Seizures using Clinical Information

The below leaderboards are based on diagnosis, localization, and lateralization of cases of seizures based on viewing the history of present illness (HPI), EEG, and Neuroimaging from anonymized cases. For localization and lateralization, we limit performance to cases correctly identified as epilepsy. Leaderboards are limited to participants who viewed at least 5 cases of each type. Repeat cases are excluded from the leaderboard. Public usernames were selected by the participants.

You can view the cases as well here:

Diagnosis of Seizures: Epilepsy versus Functional Seizures versus other etiologies

1davidph (5/5)davidph (5/5)davidph (5/5)
2Anonymous 6 (17/22)epicepi (5/6)Wesley Kerr (54/70)
3Wesley Kerr (53/70)mel b (13/16)Anonymous 6 (15/21)
4mel b (12/17)Wesley Kerr (55/70)mel b (12/16)
5suseo (38/54)Anonymous 6 (16/21)HindH (19/27)

Localization of Epilepsy

1mel b (6/8)suseo (21/29)suseo (23/29)
2gabbym (7/11)mel b (5/7)Anonymous 6 (8/11)
3lrw (3/5)Wesley (24/34)mel b (5/7)
4HindH (9/15)Anonymous 6 (7/11)Wesley Kerr (24/34)
5suseo (16/29)lrw (3/5)lrw (3/5)

Lateralization of Epilepsy

1lrw (3/7)lrw (3/7)mel b (5/6)
2HindH (6/16)HindH (11/16)suseo (21/35)
3Wesley Kerr (13/40)mel b (4/6)Wesley Kerr (23/40)
4suseo (11/35)Tmiller40 (3/6)lrw (4/7)
5gabbym (3/10)suseo (17/35)Anonymous 6 (8/15)
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